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Tue Oct 1 07:42:48 EST 1996

Did you know that many companies are still using HEAT and\or ALCOHOL
to extract the necessary ingredients from plants such as ALOE VERA?

Unfortunately, this inferior method of extraction will result in many
of nature's beneficial enzymes and invaluable properties being lost in
the process...
And heat-processed Aloe, used in common skin care products, will
most-likely contain preservatives and other oxidation-retarding

The GOOD NEWS is that Enviro-Tech International offers you a better
solution. It's a unique product line that begins with BODY PRUF.

BODY PRUF features a COLD-PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY that will retain all
the wonderful benefits of ALOE VERA, without having to resort to those
same chemicals or preservatives used by our competitors.

Enviro-Tech International is a company that offers a full line of
products that use little or no-water in the cleaning process. For more
information on how Enviro-Tech's products and business plan can work
for you, E-MAIL me your name and address at GOODLIFE at JIMMIJ.MV.COM. 

I'll rush you out a package outlining the information I wrote about
here and let you judge for yourself. I do ask that you please supply
me with your telepone number so that we can discuss one-on-one your
career with Enviro-Tech.

Body Pruf: It's Natures Partner For Beautiful Skin and Hair

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