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David W. Kramer kramer.8 at OSU.EDU
Thu Oct 3 07:59:28 EST 1996

>Hi!  I am an honors student at Northern Arizona University.  I am
>currently working on a project involvling making dyes from plants.  If
>anyone has any information about which plants are the best to use and the
>methods used to extract the dye, I would be very grateful.  Thanks very
>much.......hgf at dana.ucc.nau.edu


A good general introduction to dyeing and dye plants can be found in
Simpson and Ogorzaly.  1995.  Economic Botany:  Plants in Our World.  2nd
Ed.  McGraw-Hill.  ISBN 0-07-057569-X    See pages 530-537.

Timber Press (1-800-327-5680) publishes a book I haven't seen so cannot
recommend but it sounds like it might be useful.... Cannon and Cannon.
1994.  Dye Plants and Dyeing.  $19.95  128 pages.  You might learn more by
visiting the Timber Press web page at http://www.timber-press.com/

Good luck with your project!

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