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At  6:14 PM 10/3/96 -0700, Hillary Grey Fleenor wrote:
>Many thanks for all the replies on plant dyes.  They will be a wonderful
>help.  One more question.  I am also working on a project that explores
>phototropism in mushrooms.  If anyone has any ideas on the best methods
>and the best kinds of mushrooms to grow I would appreciate the info very
>much.  Also, any other information about mushrooms would be great, too.
>Thanks so much, a humble NAU student.........hgf at

Here's a thought.  I have used Schizophyllum with students
in a gravitropism project.  It is not quantitative in any
way but a way to demonstrate the role of gravity in the
morphogenesis of a basidiocarp.  I have them subculture
dikaryotic phase mycelium onto potato dextrose agar plates
(poured deeply), place the petri dishes in zip-lok sandwich
bags, then orient the dishes (cover side up, cover side down,
and sideways).  Basidiocarps form in about two weeks.  It
works very well.  I do all of this in the dark, so I don't
know if there is any phototropism involved in how the basidiocarp
is oriented.  In any case, this is a species with bilateral
symmetry (when grown vertically in natural position) and
might be a good candidate.

The other thought I had is the orientation of Pilobolus
sporangia.  That is an old standard phototropism fungus
lab exercise.  In my experience, a pile of horse dung in
a chromatography jar or bell jar covered with foil except
for a 4 cm diam hole for light, gives good results.  I
haven't quantified the accuracy, but sporangia are quite
concentrated on the clear glass and very few "miss".


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