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This message was posted by Sharron Clark to the biolab list today and I
suspect plant-ed readers might be able to help.  Please cc your reply to

Sharron Clark <shclark at>

>Hi BioLabbers:
>        Our District has landed a little one-time $ money $ to aid us in
>refurbishing our current antiquated and historically UNUSABLE glasshouse.
>If your campus has a glasshouse, could you please pass along any novel,
>exciting experimental or technical applications that you are doing?  Anyone
>from polytechnic colleges out there? [Or direct me to the person in charge
>of the glasshouse(s)?]  I am particularly interested in pytotron-type
>climate-control systems. How is your glasshouse is using computers?  [Fondly
>remembered is a class that was conducted in the 1970's by Dr. Borthwick
>(plant light pioneer of the 1930's--HE was an older person then)--while I
>was at University of Maryland. At that time, he showed us his lab at
>Beltsville [USDA], MD, that led to his discoveries about photoperiodism.]
>?Are any of you folks or your collegues doing experiments in glasshouses
>that could be translated into elegantly simple investigations for K-14
>people? Do any of you belong to University-K14 science ed consortia?  Please
>also supply references to your publications--especially any in science
>educaton or available on the www.
>Please reply soon, we have to have our wish list ready in a few days.
>Thank You, Sharron Clark, Golden West College
>15744 Golden West St, Huntington Beach, Ca 92647
>(714) 892-7711 X 51110  or e-mail  <SHClark at>


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