preserving cut flowers

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At  8:30 PM 10/6/96 +0000, murray baron wrote:
>I discovered that certain food-colourings, when added to the water in which
>certain cut flowers were added,
>preserved the life of the petals.  What is known about preseverving cut
>flowers?  What determines how
>long a flower will continue to survive in a vase  of water?


There are a host of articles on how to prolong vase life,
particularly in carnations.  Most of these are in the
horitculture journals.  Fundamentally, blocking ethylene
production and/or ethylene responses is one aspect,
controlling the proliferation of microorganisms is a second,
maintaining decent transpiration flow is a third, and
providing substrate (sucrose etc) is a fourth.  There
may be others, but these top the list in my opinion.
There are good articles on each of these almost every


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