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At  2:52 PM 10/7/96 -0700, Michael Joseph Kerkman wrote:
>Ok! I am sorry for the question about the agar. I should have been more
>specific. Thank you to those of you who helped me out seriously. What I
>think happened is that we only had about a .8% agar concentrate, it may
>have been a typo in the recipe, or we could have just read it wrong and
>messed up.

Good!  I think you've got it figured out.  8 grams per liter
of agar will probably be VERY soft agar.  I like to use 12 or
15 grams per liter, and sometimes use 20 grams per liter
depending on how "stiff" I want the gel to be.  Good Luck on
the re-make!

Please don't get too upset by people writing about folks asking
questions.  There are always different opinions out there...some
people want news groups to be almost "private domain" and others
are hoping for an "open forum" where people can ask questions
without a "put-down."  So please don't feel put-down!  A person's
first attempt at using agar is not always easy as there are
several possible variables affecting gel strength and so
your honest question deserves honest answers...and there aren't
too may resources on that subject in even a well-stocked

Our plant-ed newsgroup was conceived by professors, but it is
not ONLY for professors to discuss esoterica.  If we did not
like to work with students and approach answering their questions,
we wouldn't be in the education business.  We preach that the
only "bad" question is the one you keep inside and fail to
pursue, so keep asking good questions.

Good Luck!


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