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Chris Minor vcmahaff at IASTATE.EDU
Tue Oct 8 16:24:05 EST 1996

>At  2:52 PM 10/7/96 -0700, Michael Joseph Kerkman wrote:
>>Ok! I am sorry for the question about the agar. I should have been more
>>specific. Thank you to those of you who helped me out seriously. What I
>>think happened is that we only had about a .8% agar concentrate, it may
>>have been a typo in the recipe, or we could have just read it wrong and
>>messed up.
>Good!  I think you've got it figured out.  8 grams per liter
>of agar will probably be VERY soft agar.  I like to use 12 or
>15 grams per liter, and sometimes use 20 grams per liter
>depending on how "stiff" I want the gel to be.  Good Luck on
>the re-make!

Actually, .7% agar is pretty common in plant tissue culture and .8% is
pretty standard for bacterial applications.  I just poured a batch of .7%
and it gelled really nice.  When I've had this problem in the past it is
usually because I didn't stir and bring it to a full boil BEFORE
autoclaving it.  I know, the autoclave boils it, but it just doesn't do the
job alone.  Any explanations for that one??

Best wishes!

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