C-4 trees

Richard L. Boyce rboyce at DU.EDU
Wed Oct 9 15:17:14 EST 1996

At 9:11 AM 10/9/96, david haas wrote:
>>Dear Plant Edders,
>Does anyone know the names of any C-4 woody plants?  I would think there
>should be some but I'm not familiar with any.  A student brought up this
>question in class today.  Thought it would be a good one for this group.
>D. Haas

_Euphorbia forbesii_ Sherff, which grows in the understory in Hawaiian
forests.  I read about it in the following paper:

Pearcy, R.W., Osteryoung, K., and Calkin, H.W.  1985.  Photosynthetic
responses to dynamic light environments by Hawaiian trees.  Plant Physiol.
79: 896-902.

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