Oleg V. Moskvin OMEGA at ibpm.serpukhov.su
Sun Oct 13 07:58:14 EST 1996

Hi plant-edders -- Does anyone out there have the name of the journal which
(I think) replaced the former "Journal of Irreproducible Results"? I would
also like a phone number, e-mail address, or snail-mail address for
subscriber information, if you have it. Let me know at my e-mail address or
via plant-ed.
Esther McLaughlin

Esther G. McLaughlin
Associate Professor and Chair
Biology Dept.
Augsburg College
2211 Riverside Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55454 USA
FAX: 612/330-1649

Hello, Esther! 
I heared the journal you need is currently named "Journal of 
Partly Reproducible Results". Unfortunately, I cannot provide you 
with it's addresses since my information is also PARTIAL... 

          Oleg V. Moskvin <OMEGA at ibpm.serpukhov.su>

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