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       New Resource Helps Teachers Use The Internet To Reach Students.
            Signals Beginning Of New Age For Classroom Learning.

SAN DIEGO, Ca., OCTOBER 13, 1996 -- Teachers.Net Web Services today
unveiled a free Internet resource which allows teachers to create powerful
Internet Homepages for use in the classroom. The Teachers.Net Homepage Maker
is an simple to use web program which allows teachers to easily create
dynamic web documents that take full advantage of Internet technologies.

The Homepage Generator ( uses cgi
programming which allows teachers to fill out a simple web form, supplying
background information and selecting website features, and receive a
handsomely generated Homepage which they can easily download and save or
have sent to them by e-mail.

Webpage features available to select from include text and link color,
background colors and patterns, and even a choice of custom graphics and
icons. The form will also incorprate advanced Java and JavaScript functions,
including a working clock, a current announcements ticker, and Kouichirou
Eto's FadeScript, a fun applet which makes the webpage fade in from any
color, at any speed desired.

The Homepage Maker has many more features that aren't apparent at first
glance. It is actually a powerful tool designed to help teachers learn how
to use the World Wide Web for enhanced education in the classroom. The
created webpage comes complete with easy to understand comments embedded in
the html "source" code, comments which plainly explain how to make changes
and add to the page, as well as point to advanced tutorials and guides to
easily learn html programming.

The generated webapge itself is loaded with powerful tools designed to help
teachers integrate web technologies into the classroom. The page includes
links to specialized teacher web links, like the Teachers.Net Website Manual
(, an easy-reading guide designed to help
novice teachers quickly gather the tools and understand the concepts
necessary for creating a World Wide Web site. The generated webpage also
links to easy to follow instructions for installing guestbooks, counters,
bulletin boards, mailing lists, and a host of other cgi, Java, and
JavaScript features. The result is that teachers get the instruction and
resources they'll need to begin integrating web technologies into the

Teachers.Net is a Santa Monica based company specializing in providing
teachers websites and the resources for developing advanced web-based
curricula. The Homepage Maker is just the first tool in a series of Internet
teaching tools designed by Teachers.Net. Future releases include the
Teachers.Net Electronic Field Trip Kit, the Internet Yearbook, and the
On-Line Lesson Planner. Teachers.Net also provides low cost teacher websites
and Internet seminars and workshops across the country.

As the nation moves into the information age, teachers are quickly realizing
the urgency for them to tackle the skills and technologies associated with
the Internet. Teachers.Net provides these to the teachers wise enough to
recognize the educational needs of the coming century.

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