Genetic Engineered potatoes

Brian Craig bncraig at
Sun Oct 20 15:36:02 EST 1996

I have read a great deal from this newsgroup on soybeans and corn
genetically altered. Monsanto has produced and multiplying a potato
variety (Russet Burbank) with Bt. in it to control the Colorado Potato

This variety is destined to be used for the french fry market. 

The argument for using this Monsanto potato variety is that it will
reduce the amount of insecticides applied to the potato crop plus help
combat Colorado Potato Beetle insecticide resistance that has already
developed in potato producing areas.

I would like to see some comments on how you would see such a potato
being accepted in the food trade.  Especially in the fast food market
supported by MacDonalds, Wendy's, Burger King for example.

I feel there is some reluctance from the consuming public when they
begin to understand how these transgenic plants are produced.

I find it very interesting how a company such as Monsanto received very
bad publicity over BST (Some countries have not allowed the use or sale
of products produced with BST).  There is far less concern over plant
genetic development.


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