Subscribing, unsubscribing, etc.

Jon Monroe monroejd at
Wed Oct 23 14:57:17 EST 1996


Please remember that you can (and should) subscribe to and unsubscribe from
this newsgroup automatically.  The address to send these messages to
depends on where you are:  Send the message:  <subscribe plant-ed> or
<unsubscribe plant-ed> to:

        biosci-server at
        (if you are in the Americas or the Pacific Rim), or

        biosci-server at
        (if you are in Europe, Africa or Central Asia).

The subject line will be ignored.

Also remember that unlike many listservs, when you reply to a message it
will only go the original sender.  I you want your reply to go to the group
(and I encourage you to do this), forward the reply to
plant-ed at


Jon (one of the Plant-ed discussion leaders)

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