Circadian rgythms and sunflowers

Jose' A. Feijo' jose.feijo at
Fri Oct 25 12:11:07 EST 1996

I've been trying to set-up a lab on circadian rhythms. As a first approach
I've tried to implement Douglas Friend experiment with sunflower as
described in Susan Singer's lab collection. However, irrespective of the
cultivar  I use (I must confess I haven't found the Russian Giant) I
havent't been able to keep the steems alive and exsuding, they seem to
immediately wound and start a necrosis process at the cutting point.
I was wondering if somebody was successfull in doing that lab, and what may
be the trick to keep these stems alive and exsudating.
I appreciate any help
Thanks in advance

Jose' A. Feijo'

Dep. Biologia Vegetal, Fac.Ciencias Univ. Lisboa
Campo Grande, Ed.C2, P-1700 LISBOA, PORTUGAL

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