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At  5:09 PM 10/27/96 +0000, Bart Hibbard wrote:
>Hello all-
>I'm attempting to revive a Jade plant.
>What are the care basics for a Jade plant?


A jade plant is easy to grow.  It should be
potted in an average soil mix, and watered
in the usual way (not too wet!).  It needs
a lot of sun.  If your jade plant has some
red edges to the leaves, then you are giving
it enough light; if it doesn't, then you
might want to try someplace brighter.  The
jade plant is a CAM plant, so it grows very
slowly.  You can fertilize monthly but I would
use half-strength fertilizer or less!

Jade plants are fairly pest-free, but mealy bugs
can take their toll.  Some work with a Q-tip
moistened in rubbing alcohol will help exterminate
those (if you have them).

One of the most beautiful aspects of a jade plant
is their natural approach to a "bonsai" appearance.
If you let a big jade wilt once, and/or tear out
some of the branches, the plant gets to looking
like a wonderful wind-worn old tree in miniature.

Again, overwatering can kill a jade plant faster
than just about anything, so clay pots and some
additional sand or perlite in the soil mix can be

Good Luck!


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