food of transgenic origin

Pierre Berthomieu berthom at ENSAM.INRA.FR
Wed Oct 30 03:33:36 EST 1996

Hi all,
Last week, I asked if somebody could send me a label of food of 
transgenic origin. I thank all the people who reacted to my 
question, especially Dr. R. Price and  Dr. M. MacDonald who sent 
me such a label. 
Brief description of this label: It is a Sainsbury product "produced 
in the USA for Sainsbury". The product is labeled as "Californian
tomato puree - double concentrate". Two mentions refer to the 
transgenic origin of the product: "made with genetically modified
tomato" is indicated "in big letters" just under the product name, 
and in a corner there is the following information: "the benefits 
of using genetically modified tomatoes for this product are less 
waste and reduced energy processing".

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