Cambial divisions

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>My understanding, based on few observations (in roots only) and no literature
>that I can remember, is that the single PMC division you mention produces a
>cell that, itself, will divide one (more) time prior to maturation, and this
>division gives rise to the companion cell.  If you learn different, please let
>me/us know.
>Date: 10/30/96 7:19 PM
>To: Vance Baird
>From: "Dr. David Starrett"
>  While teaching plant anatomy, I came across the tidbit that xylem mother
>cells divide twice while phloem mother cells divide once.  When I brought
>this up to the class, one student asked whether that one division was the
>division producing the Companion cell.  I tried looking this up in a few
>texts, but found no answer.  Anyone have an idea whether the single PMC
>division yields the Sieve Tube Memebr plus companion cell?
>  Any thoughts would be appreciated!

*** Meaning that the PMC does eventually undergo 2 divisions the same as
XMC.  This is what I am curious about.  It is a bit misleading to state that
PMC goes 1 div, XMC 2.  

Dave Starrett

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