the color of mustard

Thu Oct 31 10:28:20 EST 1996

Recently (sorry-I lost the post), someone asked why mustard was such a 
good dye.  It may be worthwhile to clarify what one means by "mustard".  
Mustard (the ground seeds in vinegar and spices-often called "Dijon 
style") is basically brown, and while it stains a little, to my 
knowledge it's not a terribly good dye.  However, American mustard, as 
sold in the supermarket, is bright yellow because of the addition of 
tumeric.  Tumeric is a very good dye (you can use it for Ester eggs, and 
even cloth I'm told, though I haven't tried it myself.)  It's the 
tumeric that leaves yellow stains on your shirt when you get sloppy at a 
barbeque.  Is this what the original poster meant by "mustard"?

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