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Wed Apr 2 23:48:42 EST 1997

In a previous article, PADAMS at DEPAUW.EDU () says:

>  My students in intro botany planted a sweet corn variety (Early
>Sunglow, from Park Seed Co.) on Feb 15 in pots in the greenhouse. The plants
>have had supplementary lighting from 6 am to 6pm. They are now producing
>tassels, with stamens and anthers hanging down - but no sign at all of
>ears! Not even swellings midway the stems where the ears usually appear.
>  Does anyone have an explanation for this odd "behavior"? Could it be
>a nutritional thing (there are 2 plants per gallon-size pot)?
>Preston Adams, BIO Sci, DePauw University, Greencastle, In 46135


It may be a watering problem. Drought stress can cause problems in
the "nick" (timing of tassel:ear production) in maize. Two plants
in such a small container would suck up all the water fairly quick.

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