Replying to spams

Jon Monroe monroejd at
Mon Apr 7 12:55:55 EST 1997

Plant-ed readers,

This is a reminder to PLEASE refrain from replying to spams.  Simply delete
them without letting yourself get angry - it's not worth it.  If you do try
to respond to a spam your reply will probably not get back to the original
sender because they don't use their own addresses to send spams.  It is
more likely that your reply will go to an innocent company who's address is
being illegally used.  In addition, if you reply to Plant-ed you will force
hundreds of subscribers to have to delete the message.

If we need to switch to being a moderated newsgroup (to screen out spams)
we will, but for now simply deleting spams is the easiest solution.

If you have any questions please reply to me (monroejd at directly.

P.S.  For those of you who are recent subscribers to Plant-ed, please read
the Charter at: [] to
find out what this newsgroup is about.  Thanks!


Jon  (Plant-ed discussion co-leader)

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