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I used to teach such a course and also used Bold, et al. Given that yours is
a one-semester course, I think Raven, Evert and Eichhorn is as close as you
are going to get. The illustrations are really great, and this text is
certainly meaty enough to accomodate most of your need. I wrote a lab manual
that actually covered a two semester sequence(Fungi/Algae + Embryophytes)
that you can have if you would like to edit it down to your one-semester needs.

At 12:06 PM 4/7/97 -0700, you wrote:
>I teach a course on algae, fungi and plants, of the sort often called Plant 
>Morphology.  I have had great trouble finding a good text for this course.  
>In the past I have used Bold et al's Morphology of Plants and Fungi.  
>However, this text is quite expensive, and a lot longer than is appropriate 
>for a one-semester, sophomore-level course.  Also, it hasn't been revised in 
>quite a while.
>I am hoping that somebody on the list can recommend a replacement that covers 
>the ground in a more up to date and compact way.  I'd also consider using a 
>couple of text on different taxa, if need be.
>David J. Hicks				djhicks at manchester.edu
>Biology Dept., Manchester College

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