Thu Apr 10 10:59:06 EST 1997

In Mary's summary of replies was the comment:

>>My sources (breeders) say:
>>b-carotine has been heavily selected for; it's one of the few sources 
>>the human diet for this compound and is the major precursor for 
>Vitamin A.

It struck me as odd that someone would say carrots were on of the few 
sources in the human diet for this compound.   Carrots may be one of the 
best sources, but I thought all the crucifers had it, as well as many 
other leafy greens.  And being fat souluble, Vitamin A is not lost in 
cooking nearly so much as, say, vitamin C, so getting enough would hardy 
be an issue for the humans selecting for orange carrots (I can imagine 
they ate a diet more enriched in these compounds than most people do 
today).  Did anyone else find this odd, or am I confusing my 
vitamins/compounds or veggies?

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