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Dennis Bittisnich dennis.bittisnich at ANU.EDU.AU
Wed Apr 9 23:44:47 EST 1997

Dear planty-bodies,

	I am in the process of accumulating plant science education Web
sites in order to put together a semi-comprehensive list for our science
education centre's Web site.  The centre - known as the Green Machine - is
located in Canberra, Australia and specialises in promoting plant science
to high schools and colleges.  Fore example we run a national Fast Plants
program, a national gene technology program and are visited by 1000s of
students and teachers each year.
	Currently we are putting together a plant science research kit for
schools which incorporates a number of resources (kits are on loan to
schools around the country on a semester basis).  One of the resources we
wish to provide is a list of Web sites which may be relevant to plant
science educators.

	If you know of any sites ... or indeed host a site .. which may be
of relevance to plant science education .. (esp. at the secondary level)..
could you please reply directly to me with the URL.

 I will collate the responses and post a list on  Plant Education news site.

If you wish to see what the Green Machine is about... our URL is:

Thanks in advance

Dr Dennis Bittisnich
Education Officer
Plant Science Centre
Australian National University              ph   +61 6 249 2878
GPO Box 475                                       fax  +61 6 247 5896
Canberra     ACT     2601

e-mail:  dennis.bittisnich at


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