greenhouse need

David Brown DavidBrown at OA.PTLOMA.EDU
Sat Apr 12 10:34:55 EST 1997

My work campus lacks a greenhouse. The administration will consider
purchasing one. The climate is Zone 24, Marine Influence Along the Southern
California Coast. This posting was prompted by the comments to ARhymer by
DHershey. My need is one step earlier, the greenhouse!


	1. Has this been posted earlier and I don't know about it? Where do I
look? I'm new to this and have not learned how to search earlier postings.
	2. Would you recommend books/journal references should I read about
greenhouse construction, design, features, placement related to sunlight, etc?
	3. Are certain companies/consultants important resources?
	4. Is thinking "used" possible, wise, worth considering, etc? Do companies
deal in used greenhouses? Is transporting one cost effective?
	5. Did DHershey (11 Apr 97) miss any essential or important greenhouse
 	6. Are some greenhouse features a problem or a waste of money?
	7. Can you think of greenhouse gadgets I should insist be included? 
	8. Is a greenhouse autoclave, cistern, water still, etc. necessary?
	9. Is greenhouse location needed IN the science building, ATTACHED to the
science building, ON the roof, or within X feet of the science building?
Thanks in advance for your help. You are all the best friends a plant
scientist can have!! (please no more word fights, they hurt)

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