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Terry R. Conley tconley at FRODO.OKCU.EDU
Mon Apr 14 13:32:35 EST 1997

I'm teaching a new course next Fall that will be called "Internet Resources
for Biology."  I found the recent plant-ed discussion regarding the
Internet very interesting, and very informative.  In discussing this class
with prospective students I've learned (somewhat to my dismay!) that most
of them have little, if any, hands-on experience accessing and utilizing
www sites and the information on them.  Student abilities completely cover
the range from "How do I turn this thing on?" to "Have you visited the
newest _____ site?"

Since  many of these students have such little computer/Internet
background,  I'm wondering whether there is a single *very good* book/text
available (either in print or on-line formats) that would be suitable for
use as a primary resource for this class.  Can anyone on plant-ed recommend
a suitable title?



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