help identify disease please.

"Tim Tillman ", BIO tillman at CHUMA.CAS.USF.EDU
Mon Apr 14 06:23:28 EST 1997

On 12 Apr 1997, Daryl wrote:

> I am growing passion flower but its becoming plaged with little white patches
> that if I look closely at with a magnifying glass, I can see tiny little black 
> beads.  What are they.  I have used diazinon but that tends to kill the leaves 
> also. 
> Could someone identify this?
> Thanks
> Daryl


Without actually seeing a diseases leaf, I'd say that you probably have a
spider mite infestion.  The white patches would be caused by the piercing,
sucking feeding activity, and the tiny black beads would be the excrement
of the mites.  Again, this is without actually seeing.

I'd try malthion with some sort of sticking agent mixed in.  Follow label


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