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Terry Conley asked:  [some text deleted]

>I'm teaching a new course next Fall that will be called "Internet Resources
>for Biology." ................  I'm wondering whether there is a single *very
>good* book/text available (either in print or on-line formats) that would be
>suitable for
>use as a primary resource for this class.  Can anyone on plant-ed recommend
>a suitable title?

You will want to consider Dardis, Deborah A. and Murray P. Pendarvis.
1997.  NetQuest:  Exploring Botany.  Dubuque, IA:  WmCBrown.  ISBN:
0-697-39729-7.  Phone: 1-800-338-3987

See also the following web site:

Botanical Society of America at    http://www.botany.org

and their Botanical Links at     http://www.botany.org/bsa/www-bot.html

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