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>I am a secondary science Biology teacher outside Preston (North England) &
>I am currently trying to find out how the INTERNET could be of use to both
>my pupils & myself. I would be grateful if you could put me in touch with
>someone / somewhere which could help to compliment the teaching of
>secondary Biology. This might simply be for extra teaching resources or
>lesson plans, or to actually link up with another school to share
>information on biological topics.
>I saw this note referring to the Science Guide, & wondered whether or not
>it would be of any use.  What do you think?  Can anyone help?

I'll start with the newsgroup on which you found this message.  "Plant-ed"
can be a valuable resource for you.  If you ask a question about the
teaching of plant biology, you are likely to get at least a few thoughtful
responses and possibly more than you can reply to.  Most of the current
subscribers are at colleges and universities, but we welcome questions and
responses from all levels of education.  It would be best, however, if
students didn't think of this as a easy way to get answers...  We like to
encourage them to use local libraries and their own powers of observation
or experiments to answer their questions!

Regarding the use of the Internet in education, even the sky isn't the limit!
If you have curiosity (as a biology educator you must) and a search engine
(the "net search" button on your browser is a good place to start), you can
find all sorts of things out there.  To see if something is of use to you,
you have to look at it yourself and see if you like it's content and style.
There are lots of websites out there that don't offer much so just don't
spend much time at those...

Here are a few sites that I have come across (in random order) that contain
lots of links you might want to look at:

The school page
Biological Sciences Resources
SyllabusWeb Top 40 Education Sites
Wisconsin Fast Plants program
Science and Plants for Schools (SAPS)
The Green Machine Science Education Centre

I'm sure you will find many more!  Best of luck to you.


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