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Linda Raubeson raubeson at TAHOMA.CWU.EDU
Mon Apr 28 18:55:51 EST 1997

David Hershey wrote:

>I like the terms dioecious and monoecious, however the problem is
>that there is no companion term for the third and most prevalent
>possibility, i.e.
>I. Unisexual flowers or cones
>     A. On same plant - monoecious (about 7% of seed plants)
>     B. On separate plants - dioecious (about 4% of seed plants)
>II. Bisexual flowers - ?? (about 89% of seed plants)

There is a companion term - synoecious - for plants with bisexual
flowers. Admittedly it's not used much but I can reference some
taxonomy texts that supply it.  Now you didn't really think that there was
a term lacking from the botanical lexicon, did you? ;)



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