How to kill a 15 meters high tree ?

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>As I told in a previous message, I have a tree (a poplar) whose root system
>threatens to damage my house, and more likely the water pipe. 
>Cutting the tree down seems difficult because there is not enough place
>around to make the tree fall down smoothly.
>Anyway, my main concern is: Will the root system stop growing as soon as
>the tree has been cut ? (I don't think so, though I don't know really.) 
>And is there a (chemical ?) means to definitely stop the root system from
>growing, -killing the tree-, without damaging the nearby environment?
>Thanks for your thoughts
>Jacques Kolly        Jacques.Kolly at

This news group isn't the proper forum to post your question -
probably the reason you didn't receive any response.  However, I'll
throw my opinion in here for what it's worth.  Call a professional -
before you hurt yourself, or someone else or damage your property  -
or worse.  I live in Pennsylvania, USA - lotsa trees - also lotsa
horror stories from amatuers attempting their own tree removal.
Professionals can bring down your tree safely with no problems and
your life can probably go on unchanged - might not be so if you try
this one yourself.  By your questions I can tell you don't know very
much about trees - all the more reason to forget the idea.  Please
call someone.

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