How to kill a 15 meters high tree ?

Neil Brown n.brown at
Mon Aug 4 05:45:26 EST 1997

Jacques Kolly wrote:
> As I told in a previous message, I have a tree (a poplar) whose root system
> threatens to damage my house, and more likely the water pipe.
> Cutting the tree down seems difficult because there is not enough place
> around to make the tree fall down smoothly.
> Anyway, my main concern is: Will the root system stop growing as soon as
> the tree has been cut ? (I don't think so, though I don't know really.)
> And is there a (chemical ?) means to definitely stop the root system from
> growing, -killing the tree-, without damaging the nearby environment?
> Thanks for your thoughts
> Jacques Kolly        Jacques.Kolly at

However you kill a tree you'll need to chop it down once it's dead,
otherwise you'll have lumps falling off it left right and centre.  To
cut it down it'll need to be done in stages - poplars being quite tall
i'd reccomend getting someone else to do it.

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