Question RE pinecones

dwhite1 dwhite1 at
Mon Aug 4 15:14:48 EST 1997

This seems to be the closest newsgroup I can find that might be able to
help me with a (probably silly) question.  There is a very interesting
evergreen tree down the street that looks like a giant bonsai tree, more or
less.  It is about 20 feet tall, though.  It has a large number of pine
cones, some of which were closed and some open.  I grabbed some of the
cones on the ground, and even one on the tree to see if I might be able to
grow a couple of seeds to see what happens.  The problem is that I couldn't
find any seeds!  I thought that the seeds could be found typically in the
bottom or corner of each "petal" of the pinecone.  These pine cones have
nothing there, not even a small seed.  Am I missing something here?  Could
this be some sort of hybrid that can no longer produce seeds?

Thanks in advance for any help or direction to a website that may be

D. White
dwhite1 at

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