Mole & Gopher Problems Solved

debn debn at
Tue Aug 5 06:54:37 EST 1997

Hi Everybody,
My name is Debbie and I am a small business owner (Baby's Corner in CT).  I
have had my own problems with Moles and Gophers for years - this year I
found a product that actually works.  It did for me anyway, and I was so
impressed that I contacted the company and now I distribute them myself.  
The product is called the MoleChaser and you may have seen it in the Damark
catalog or the Home Improvement catalog that most people receive in the
mail.  That is not where I got mine (my Uncle actually told me about it
after it worked for him). 
Anyway, it is an electronic device that you plant in your garden.  It runs
on 4DD batteries (which you replace every 5 months or so) and it emits a
300hz soundwave which burrowing rodents CANNOT endure. 
Moles are very territorial, so what may look like a whole nest or family of
them in your yard is usually just one mole.  What this device does is drive
the mole or gopher away.  They wont go easily but beleive me - they go (and
you dont have to put down harmful chemicals or kill these pests either).  
If anyone has had similar problems or would like additional information
please email me at debn at  or you can contact me - days(at my
store)(203)574-2008 or evenings at home (203)753-2716 EST.
Let me help you with this problem.

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