How to kill a 15 meters high tree ?

Robert Nettles lamer at
Tue Aug 5 01:29:30 EST 1997

Jacques Kolly wrote:
> Anyway, my main concern is: Will the root system stop growing as soon as
> the tree has been cut ? (I don't think so, though I don't know really.)
> And is there a (chemical ?) means to definitely stop the root system from

I've cut down a few trees for the same reason!  I live in Houston, TX
ant LOTS of pines 50-60 feet (20m or so) tall.  It is not a fun task,
but if you do it, there are chemicals that disolve the stump.  Here they
have a product called STUMP-BE-GONE (not a joke!!!!!) and it does what
it says.  Stump is gone in 4-5 months.  Sorry, but the can doesn't say
what is in it.  If you leave the stump, you may have termite problems,
and getting rid of a stump is easier that getting rid of termites!!!!
hope it helps,

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