Louis Van Houtte, 1875?

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Bailey's Manual of Cultivated Plants notes that Louis VanHoutte
(1810-1876) was a Belgian horticulturist, who founded and
published Flore des Serres. When I get to the library I'll look him up in
some other references.

PBS has a show , the Antiques Roadshow, where antique experts evaluate
old items. You'd need to consult such an expert or a specialist in old
books. There is a lot of interest in old plant books. Many of them,
including many library copies, were cut up and the color prints framed.

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On 7 Aug 1997, Judy Schmalstig wrote:

> Dear Fellow Plant-edders,
> A colleague at my school has found a book of lithographics of ornamental
> plants by Louis Van Houtte published in Belgium in 1875.  He is
> wondering about who Van Houtte was and about the value of the prints. 
> Any leads?
> Thank you.
> Judy Schmalstig
> Biology Dept
> Rollins College
> jschmals at rollins.edu

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