The Registry ir at
Sun Aug 10 16:06:04 EST 1997

The International Dissertation Registry has now come to the Internet.  

The Registry now provides online protection of copyright for authors of
original dissertations,
treatises, theses, research, studies, expositions and monographs.

The Registry may be found at

Why Do Authors Use Registration?

     Reason #1: The primary reason for using registration is, of course,
for peace of mind. When you know you have registered and protected the
dissertation you worked so hard to create against any possible false claims
on your copyright, it gives every author true peace of mind.

     Reason #2: When a work is still in progress, but you must show it to
another person for whatever reason, a quick registration of the work in its
present fixed form provides evidentiary protection against a possible theft
of copyright.

     Reason #3: If you intend to publish your thesis, many publishers and
distributors recommend that authors register their work upon completion to
protect it, and delay the government copyright in order to coordinate the
copyright date with the publishing date. In this way, they can avoid
publishing and marketing new material with an old copyright date.

     Reason #4: Registration with the International Dissertation Registry
is by far the fastest, easiest and least expensive method for protecting
your claim to copyright of your original material. 

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