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Dear Plant-ed-ers

Recently I posted a request to plant-ed for information on the typical amount
spent in cell biology, and other biology, laboratory courses.  Also I asked for
information about whether or not other funds were available for new
equipment.  This information will be of great help as we enter into discussions
at my college on what constitutes "adequate" funding for our lab courses.

I had eight responses to my posting.  Thanks to all who responded.  The
following is a summary of the information I received:

     Assuming a lab section of about 20 students, it seems that $1000 per
semester for supplies for the laboratory section is a typical level.  Several
responses were for introductory courses, and I expect that costs would rise
with upper division courses.  Most respondees commented that they had other
funds available for equipment;  either a departmental fund or available through
their college.

The following is a list of individual responses.  (I have removed all references
to institutional source so as to preserve some confidentiality.)

     $3,000 for lab supplies for 2-3 courses per year.  No lab fee.
     Recently had about $40,000 per year to spend on new equipment.

     $7000 for cell bio lab sections that had 100 students total.

     $750 per lab course, and $100 for non lab courses.

     $59509 for introductory biology lab course with 1375 students per

     $13500 for introductory biology lab course with 150-200 students,
     and extra funds available from college for equipment updates.

     $2000 per lab course.

     $1000 per lab course.

     $1000 per lab course, and separate equipment budget.

Scott T. Meissner
McKendree College
smeissne at a1.mckendree.edu

Aure Entuluva!

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