an urgent botanical question (fwd)

QDurham qdurham at
Tue Aug 12 11:28:36 EST 1997

>Part of the educational piece of it is to have kids learn
>a little about ecosystems by planting trees with some
>of the understory plants that would be with them in
>their native habitat (and that would survive in Colorado).

Consider looking into the "fire pines" (including the Bristlecone Pine --
perhaps the oldest living plant on the planet).  These trees apparently
are unable to reproduce in the absence of an occasional forest fire.  If
Smokey had his way and all forest fires were prevented, this group of
trees would disappear in one generation.   The way you and I get
Bristlecone seeds out of their cone is to place the cone on a sheet of
aluminum foil in a low-as-possible oven overnight.  The parking lot at the
Bristlecone National Forest in CA is slightly above 10,000 feet.

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