Most exciting topics in Plant Biology

Grant R. Cramer cramer at MED.UNR.EDU
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I am teaching for the first time an introductory Plant Biology course. We
do not have many plant courses at our institution. I also teach a Plant
Physiology course. The general Plant Biology texts seem to read very
similar to a Plant Physiology text. I do not want to repeat my Plant
Physiology course which is a higher level course. My objective is to "turn
on" students to plants so that they may appreciate plants and increase
demand for more plant courses at our institution.

What topics have you found that excite your students the most?
What topics are dull and should be avoided?
What topics do you feel are essential for an introductory plant biology

My ideas were to start with a general survey of the plant kingdom (have the
kids do a small photo id project and field trips) and then focus on plant
uses by man (i.e. medicine and herbs, agriculture, horticulture, and
ecology), followed by basic anatomy and physiology.

Your feedback would be much appreciated.


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