calyptra story

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This message is especially for Doug Jenson.  It bounced back to me when I
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>   Dear Doug,
>     The "calyptra story" is just the story of the enlargement of the embryo
>   inside the archegonium, finally breaking it and having the seta carry the
>   calyptra up to become a cap over the capsule.  It fascinates them, I
>   suppose because it is one of the few places where they can visualize
>   development taking place and structures changing in location and function.
>   They can pull of a calyptra, and they are fascinated by the fact that it
>   is still a gametophyte on top of a sporophyte capsule.
>     Another bryophyte favorite is to take a particularly hygroscopic moss
>   like dry Hedwigia or Tortula let students add water while observing it
>   under the dissecting scope.  When I wanted to shorten my labs, the
>   undergraduate assistants begged me not to take that out.
>   Janice
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