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How-To Hydroponics will show you how to build your own hydroponic
garden for indoors or out.


It will teach you all you'll need to know from the basics to advanced
hydroponic techniques.

It has helped thousands of gardeners, farmers, students and
professionals take advantage of the benefits of hydroponic gardening.

Hydroponic gardens: 

       Are easy to maintain 
       Inexpensive to build 
       Grow healthier plants 
       Shorten time to maturity 
       Yield bigger harvests 
       Require less space 
       Work indoors & out! 

Your homebuilt system will: 

       Start from seeds or clones 
       Grow from 24 - 72 plants 
       Scale to fit your needs 
       Use Aero/NFT/Ebb&Flow 
       Grow 100% organically 
       Require low maintenance 
       Run fully automated 
       Build in one afternoon 
       Construct inexpensively 
       Come with free tech support via email

If hydroponics interests you, come and visit our site at

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