Belizian plants

Jim Perry jperry at UWC.EDU
Fri Aug 22 03:59:58 EST 1997

Just returned from Belize and wonder if anyone can help a tropically
challanged, northern temperate zone botanist (plant anantomy at that!) with
two plant ids based upon verbal description:

1. Species of Lycopodium - terrestrial, to one meter, looks like a "pine
tree" in external morphology, lots of strobili borne at ends of the
numerous branches,  Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaguar Preserve,
foothills of Maya Mountains, west of Hopkins Villagewaste areas in full sun

2. Unknown genus of what appears to be a parasitc vascular plant. Widely
distributed in rain forest both at Cockcomb and in Gallon Jug area several
km east of Guatemalan borsder), having the appearance of a fungus, but
definitely a vascular plant. 2-5 cm. Pinkish to buff color. Phallic in
appearance (it looks a LOT like the fungus Phallus impudicans). Enlarged
terminal flower cluster (?) [sorry, but thebest way to describe this is the
terminal end of a circumsized human penis] consists of segments that are
much like the sporangiophores of Equisetum strobili. Cross sections stem
has scattered vascular bundles in ground tissue like a Zea stem, but
longitudinal section does exhibit anastomosing strands (not examined

While my birding friends were looking up, I was looking down. Lots of bird
books available but did not find any plant field guides available. The
native naturalists know the obvious plants but not the more unusual ones!


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