Strawberry development

SCHMID schmid at Butler.EDU
Wed Dec 3 12:22:27 EST 1997

Patrick Elvander wrote:
>I never
>cease delighting in letting my students know that "strawberries" are not
>only NOT berries but aren't even a fruit (in the technical, scientific
>sense) but VEGETABLES-defined as any edible non-reproductive or vegetative
>part of the plant. Thus, a strawberry is also a FALSE fruit.

I would NEVER call a strawberry a vegetable.  Receptacle is strictly
reproductive tissue, 
not vegetative.  Strawberry is, as Elvander also indicated, an aggregate fruit,
an aggregate of achenelets connected by a swollen receptacle.  It's only
"falseness" is that it contains lots of non-ovary tissue, and in the strictest
sense a fruit is a ripened ovary.

Kathy Schmid
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