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David Deutsch (Gondwana Gardens) gondwana at
Thu Dec 4 03:28:25 EST 1997

AppliedLab wrote:
> What is the climate like on Norfolk Island (soil quality, humidity,
> temperature, air quality, amount of sunlight, etc. )?
> Charles Johnson

The island is subtropical. I don't believe frosts occur in normal years,
but I can't say for sure that they *never* happen. The island is
volcanic in origin, and the soils reflect that geology. As an island
(and a small one at that), salt spray would be an issue, primarily in
the direction of the prevailing winds. Likewise, humidity would be high,
but the temperatures are seldon oppressive. Air quality in that part of
the world is famous for being excellent. I sometimes wonder, though if
smog from the Australian mainland cities or from the equally famous, if
occasional, forest firest, doesn't affect Norfolk.

You may wish to contact aus.gardens and repeat your question there for
greater detail and accuracy of information from someone who is local to
that region of the world.

Good luck,

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