new name for NOENVIRON needed

Sat Dec 6 19:12:49 EST 1997

This sounded like fun till I saw the latest issue of Reader's Digest, of 
all things.  In it is a feature article about the 10 myths of the 
enviromentalists (or something like that-I don't have the article here 
right now.).  Among the "myths" are global warming, species extinction, 
Rachael Carson's "Silent Spring", the ability of the world to feed it's 
expanding popuation (hey-we doubled agricultural output 20 years ago, we 
can double it indefinitely) and several others.  Basically, the article 
says, "science isn't in 100% agreement about  these  things, so we don't 
have to worry-they're not true."   For the most widely read magazine in 
the world to publish this stuff, even given RD's decidely right wing 
slant, amazed me.  I encourage  you to check it out, not only because 
some of your students will read it, but because they have a web site for 
people to comment on it, and some educated comment might be appropriate.
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