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Mon Dec 8 13:00:42 EST 1997

>Does anybody know more about the Belgian biochemist Christian de Duve who
>discovered lysosomes? And more imformation on the autophagic vacuole (one
>of the four types of lysosomes he discovered) E-mail =
>eseramun at
>I need these imformation for my biology project .

Dear Lee,
        Christian de Duve, along with Albert Claude and George Palade,
received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1974 "for their
discoveries concerning the structural and functional organization of the
cell". You can read about their work and an autobiography of Christian de
Duve on the Web via the excellent Nobel Prize Web site,
"". This site has a searchable index
from which one can get to any laureate's bio and research overview. The
specific site for de Duve et".

        de Duve recently wrote an article for Scientific American on "The
Birth of Coomplex Cells": April, 1996, p 50 - 57. It's a great article. I
hope these references help you with your biology project, and introduce you
to the wonderful world of cell biology,

Mary Williams
Assistant Professor
Biology Department
Harvey Mudd College

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