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>A request from a colleague - please ignore if you've seen this on the biola=
>list, and thanks for your comments.
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>Hello all --
>This close to the holidays I hate to get involved in policy issues.  Howeve=
>sometimes we must.
>What policies, if any, do your institutions have about limits for the size =
>majors?  Can a major involve 40, 50, 60, 70 hours of required course work.
>Do you count prerequisites into the total number of hours (if Organic
>Chemistry is required in the Major do you also list the prerequsite inorgan=
>and analytical chemistry courses as part of the major)?
>I would appreciate hearing from persons who do AND who don't have such
>policies.  And for those who do, are there exceptions for majors with
>external mandates?  We have a discussion brewing, and it would be helpful t=
>have some comparative information.


Here at ECSU, our major formally includes two freshman, two sophomore,
six junior/senior courses, and a final seminar in Biology.  This is
42 semester hours in Biology.  In addition the BS major requires
four semester hours of Chemistry (16 credits), Statistics and Calculus
I (6 credits minimum--most need precalc or more to get this far!),
and at least one Physics course (4 credits).  Thus our specified
courses for the BS degree total 68 credits.  Note all but seminar
and Math include laboratory!  This is on top of the usual general
education credits.  The BA degree is nine fewer credits by virtue
of eliminating two semesters of chemistry and substituting a GER-
level physics requirement, and replacing one math with an earth
science course.

Yes, all of the cognate courses (CHE, PHY, MAT) are an integral
part of our biology majors (BA and BS).

We do have a BGS program which is somewhat "individualized" and
so weak that I cannot remember a student using it.  I cannot
imaging getting much more than a McDonald's job with it.


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