Sandeman Seeds Wholesale Cataloge now on line.

Greg Revell greg.revell at
Thu Dec 11 05:00:39 EST 1997

SANDEMAN SEEDS  - Wholesale Seed Suppliers

We collect, process and sell seeds of over 3000 species divided into the
following categories:
Trees and shrubs (ornamental and forestry)
Herbaceous perennials
Ornamental grasses
Subtropical, Mediterranean and arid zone plants
Palms, Cycad and Pandanus seed and Palm-like species
Tree Ferns

Currently the majority of our customers are in Europe, but we also export to
USA,Japan,New Zealand, South Africa, the Middle East and even the Falkland
Islands. Apart from plant nurseries our main customer-base, we deal with
pharmaceutical and chemical companies, universities, botanical gardens and
seed wholesalers and retailers.

We provide a full information service for our customers on all aspects of
seed treatment (pre-sowing, vernalization, germination etc.) and subsequent

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