Rooting an Aloe plant

Ross Koning koning at ECSUC.CTSTATEU.EDU
Fri Dec 19 14:46:33 EST 1997

At 10:48 AM -0500 12/18/97, John Rager wrote:
>Is it possible to root a cutting of an Aloe plant?  If so, what is the
>best way to do it (i.e. just cut a leaf, break one off at the base,

Leaf cuttings are possible but slow and you
do not need an entire leaf.  However, the
easiest way, by far, in my opinion to get
lots of plants is to take a tall specimen,
tear off and use many of the lower leaves
(probably senescing anyway), and repot with
the stripped nodes buried in the substrate.
In a few weeks the lateral buds are released
from dormancy, take root, and you will have
many new plantlets growing inside the pot
to separate.


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