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Tue Dec 30 08:26:22 EST 1997

I managed to grow an avocado that stayed alive in our Botany lab for a
couple of years, Duncan. But I wonder about "misting the leaves" - I don't
think that is such a good idea. Here in Calif, avocado orchards are located
in Mediterranean climate areas, pretty dry air! And summer drought, of
course, but you would have to irrigate the plant occasionally in the
summer. I didn't do anything special - the plant was in a pot in
"room temperature" all the time, and had light from a south-facing
window. Good luck! -NH

>I am looking for some assistance. I am, again, trying to grow an avocado
>seed indoors. In the past I have grown the seeds. The plant usually
>grows to a few feet tall. Then the leaves slowly turn brown and drop
>off. This is happening to my most recent plant. My latest plant grew
>very rapidly to 4 feet tall, and has four branches starting. Then it
>stopped growing. I am assuming this is due to the season. The plant is
>around three months old and until two weeks ago, all the leaves were
>healthy. I do live in Maine but am keeping the plant in the bathroom
>which has it's own heat vent so it stays warm. I mist it with water a
>few times a day. Still the leaves continue to turn brown. It gets "rapid
>Grow" as recommended.
>If anyone has any suggestions on how to rectify this problem, I would
>very much appreciate any ideas.
>Thanks for any help.
>Duncan Steele
>duncan at

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