Duncan duncan at
Mon Dec 29 19:54:39 EST 1997


I am looking for some assistance. I am, again, trying to grow an avocado
seed indoors. In the past I have grown the seeds. The plant usually
grows to a few feet tall. Then the leaves slowly turn brown and drop
off. This is happening to my most recent plant. My latest plant grew
very rapidly to 4 feet tall, and has four branches starting. Then it
stopped growing. I am assuming this is due to the season. The plant is
around three months old and until two weeks ago, all the leaves were
healthy. I do live in Maine but am keeping the plant in the bathroom
which has it's own heat vent so it stays warm. I mist it with water a
few times a day. Still the leaves continue to turn brown. It gets "rapid
Grow" as recommended.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to rectify this problem, I would
very much appreciate any ideas.

Thanks for any help.

Duncan Steele
duncan at

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